Top Ten Best Tropical Golf Destinations for 2022


As you sit cooped up indoors, escaping the frosty elements, think about the golf courses you could instead be playing. The best tropical golf destinations present favorable conditions for most of the year.

This guide unveils the top 10 best tropical golf locations and preps you for your voyage. Besides introducing you to your next vacation, this article prepares you for the occasion by listing the men’s golf apparel that you should pack.

Maui, Hawaii

Few places relax you like Maui. The fresh air, natural beauty, and warm weather make it the perfect getaway for winter. Eleven golf courses await your tee time most days of the year. The average temperature during the winter months is 71-degrees, which is ideal for a round of golf.

Since you are in the area, you may decide to prolong your stay and include a trip to Oahu. There are approximately forty private and public courses located around Honolulu.

Be sure to look the part when you are on the island. The Toby Polo Palm Tree Print are luxury men’s golf clothes designed to deliver an exemplary fit and two-way stretch. Therefore you enjoy optimal comfort and freedom of movement while swinging.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Located on the east coast of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is home to more than 10 courses. Travelers wishing to stay onsite have the option of a couple of tropical golf resorts to select from.
In the middle of winter, Punta Cana temperatures still exceed 80-degrees. Pack a light color shirt to resist heat build-up on the golf course. The Toby white and tan stripe shirt keeps you cool. Plus, it is feather weight and quick drying. Therefore, you can enjoy your round with minimal sweat and discomfort in these stylish golf clothes.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Southern Mexico is a hotbed for quality golf courses and exceptional weather. Despite several options, Puerto Vallarta is the top tropical golf vacation in the Country. The resort city houses ten golf courses, ranging from jungle to ocean, and urban views.

Like Punta Cana, the temperatures remain in the 80s through winter. Although it is a welcome escape from the icy north, you need to prepare yourself for the immense humidity. A white Kyle Polo shirt with 50+ UV protection reduces your risk of sunburn. Plus, the moisture-wicking fabric keeps your skin cool and dry.

New Providence, Bahamas

Don't be surprised if you bump into golfing royalty on New Providence island. Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, and Justin Rose are a few golf legends who vacation on the islands. New Providence is home to four golf courses, which is sufficient to occupy your schedule for a week. However, you can always journey on to Grand Bahama for additional options.

Winter temperatures reach just under 80-degrees, with blue skies and scorching sun rays. Add some color to your look with the Ares Coral Toby Polo shirt. The lightweight, perforated polyester material is incredibly breathable, promoting optimal airflow to keep your skin cool during your round.

Phuket, Thailand

Tourists seeking a golf vacation miles from home may consider the option of Phuket, Thailand. The island features nine golf courses, two of which host annual Asian Tour events. Phuket is a stark contrast to winter weather in the north, with temperatures soaring beyond 90-degrees between December and March.

Apart from the rising temperature, the island is packed with idyllic tropical waters and awe-inspiring backdrops. Other than Phuket, you can find a host of world-class golf in Hua Hin or around Bangkok.

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The only tropical golf location in Africa that makes this list is the island of Mauritius. There are twelve golf courses scattered around the island of Mauritius, and all of them are within driving distance. Nothing is further than an hour by motor vehicle.

Do not expect anything below 85-degrees if you visit Mauritius during the United States winter. It is located in the southern hemisphere, which means that December to March is the summer season. The Icon 11” Inseam Army Green shorts are made for these conditions. They do not absorb heat, deliver maximum stretchability, and are sunscreen and oil resistant.

Puerto Rico

A little over two hours flight from Miami sits the island of Puerto Rico. Steeped in history, this Country offers consistent warmth year-round. In addition, it proudly possesses over thirty layouts for those who enjoy playing a tropical golf course.

Prepare yourself for 80-plus degrees if you are visiting Puerto Rico in winter. Pack a Toby Seagull Print Polo shirt to spruce up your look, and optimize comfortability. This stylish men’s golf apparel item makes you stand out in a world of mundane designs.


Barbados offers six public and private golf courses to cater to every visitors taste. You can enjoy an inexpensive round at a public links or splurge a fortune at establishments where Tiger Woods is known to play.

The winter months typically rise into the mid-80-degree zone, with perfectly blue skies. This can easily tempt you to head to the beach and forfeit your tee time. However, the island offers some of the most captivating holes in golf.

The Toby Zenith Polo shirt is the way to go in Rihanna’s homeland. Thanks to its breathability and moisture-wicking qualities. It welcomes the ocean breeze of Barbados to filter through your shirt to prevent sweating on the golf course.

Da Nang, Vietnam

Vietnam is an affordable golf trip that offers well-manicured courses, delectable food, and sultry weather. Take your pick of oceanside, hillside, or parkland layouts to appease the preferences of all travelers. There are six golf courses in and around Da Nang ready to take your booking.

Humidity is relatively intense in those parts, and you will need moisture-wicking clothing to stay dry. Otherwise, you are in for an uncomfortable 18-holes. A Stone White Polo delivers 50+ UV protection, moisture-wicking, and breathable fabric. These qualities are essential for avoiding sweat build-up and discomfort.

It is advisable to pair your moisture-wicking polo shirt with breathable and comfortable pants. Find everything you need in this guide to the best golf shorts.


The final tropical golf destination to escape to this winter is Bermuda. Disclaimer, it is a sub-tropical climate, but you can still play golf year-round. The average flight time is 2 hours and 30-minutes. Which is worth every moment, as seven golf courses await your arrival.

Well-manicured fairways and greens will get your blood rushing, but the epic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean will quickly calm you down. Temperatures reach into the high sixties during winter, which is perfect for a round of golf.

If the breeze picks up and there is a chill in the air, you will need a warm, comfortable pullover. Fashionistas should enjoy matching the color of the surrounding ocean with the Keith Oasis Performance Pullover.

Tropical Golf Vacations FAQs

Which Is The Best Caribbean Island For Golf?

The Dominican Republic ranks as the best Caribbean island for golf. It is home to 26 golf courses designed by legends such as Robert Trent Jones Senior, Jack Nicklaus, Pete Dye, and Gary Player.

Which Caribbean Island Has The Most Golf Courses?

The island of Hispaniola is home to 27 golf courses. However, 26 of those are in the Dominican Republic. Neighboring Haiti reportedly has one golf course, but it is not worth the journey.

Which Hawaiian Island Has The Most Golf Courses?

Oahu houses 40 private and public golf courses. That makes it the Hawaiian island with the most golf courses.

Is There Golf On St Barts?

No, golf is not a feature on the stunning island of St Barthélemy.

What Is The Cheapest Country To Play Golf In?

South Africa and Argentina tie as the cheapest countries to play golf in. Contrary to several reports which suggest that Costa Rica is the most affordable, Argentina and South Africa beat them to it. You can play a round of golf at the best courses in these countries for under $100.

However, there are more affordable options that offer excellent value for money. It is not uncommon to spend $30 on a round at a well-maintained, challenging golf course. There are even cheaper options, but there is no point playing them when you can enjoy a quality course for $30.

Final Thoughts

You now have ten appealing tropical golf destinations to consider for the winter. Will it be a journey west to Hawaii? Or, are you in the mood for an adventure to Southeast Asia? If time is of the essence, your best bet is a quick trip to the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, or Puerto Vallarta.

Before you book your tee times and flights, ensure that you have the correct men’s golf apparel at your disposal. The Maui Collection features breathable, comfortable, stylish, and moisture-wicking golf tops and pants. Their qualities are everything you need to remain refreshed, comfortable, and happy on your tropical golf vacation.

This article was written by Covel blog contributor Matt Stevens. 

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