Top Men’s Golf Shorts For Your Next Round

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When the sun is out and the temperature is high, shorts are the best way to stay cool and comfortable during your round. As we march towards Spring, we have compiled a list of the best men’s golf shorts for 2022.

We have assessed the comfort, stretch, breathability, and UV Protection of a range of options, to determine the top picks for 2022.

The Best Golf Shorts For 2022 

Covel Icon Golf Shorts - The Overall Best Golf Shorts For 2022

man wearing golf shorts and a white shirt with his left hand in pocket
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  • An elasticated waistband keeps your shirt tucked in.
  • UV Protection
  • Quick dry
  • Breathable
  • Two-way stretch for optimal freedom of movement
  • Ultra Chlorine resistant
  • Sand resistant
  • There are no black golf shorts in the 9-inch inseam option

At the top of the list of the best golf shorts for this season is the Covel Icon design, thanks to its comfort, style, UV, chlorine, and sand resistant qualities. These shorts cater to most golfers, with the smallest waist option measuring 30-inches. The widest waist size is 44-inches.


The Covel Icon golf shorts offer men a comfortable fit that encourages freedom of movement thanks to the option of two inseam lengths. The 9-inch inseam design best suits short and mid-height golfers, while taller players are geared for the 11-inch construction.

In addition to the inseam structure, a two-way stretch material increases the freedom of movement of your hips while swinging or walking. You can swing freely to optimize the rotation of your lower body for maximum power at impact. The shorts return to their original shape once there is no resistance.

Adding to the comfort of these shorts is their quick-dry and breathable qualities. These features keep your posterior and legs cool and dry throughout your round. Plus, UV Protective material shields your quads and gluteus maximus from the sun’s rays. Therefore, you reduce your risk of sunburn while out on the course.

The Icon golf shorts also contain an elasticated waistband. It works to keep your shirt tucked into your shorts and avoid giving you a reputation like Simon Hobday.

If your home course is littered with bunkers, you will appreciate the sand resistance ability of the Icon golf shorts. That means that sand does not stick to the material, and you avoid dragging it into your car and home.

Furthermore, the Icon shorts are Ultra Chlorine resistant which means they are durable and maintain their natural color longer than other materials. 

Finally, the 11-inch inseam is available in black, khaki, and grey golf shorts. Conversely, the 9-inch designs are gray or khaki golf shorts. With more colors promised for the 2022 season.


Ultimately, the Covel Icon golf shorts are a quality design with superior comfort, protection, and a tidy look. If your golf shorts were too tight and restricted your freedom of movement, it is time to give the Icon’s a chance.

2. Puma Jackpot Shorts - Best Long Golf Shorts

Men's Grey Short Slack

  • 30 color options
  • Drycell technology wicks away moisture from your body
  • PWRSHAPE technology ensures shape retention
  • Silicon gripper tape keeps your shirt tucked in
  • Moisture-wicking qualities
  • Machine washable
  • One size larger than usual
  • It is not sand resistant
  • Only one inseam length
  • Limited breathability
  • Reduced UV protective material

The Puma Jackpot shorts claim the top spot for the best long golf shorts in 2022. Its 10.5-inch inseam leads to a longer design of shorts that should reach the knees of most golfers. Waste sizes start at 28-inches and progress to 42-inches, and Puma offers the choice of 30-colors.


Puma Jackpot Shorts feature three key combinations that elevated these shorts onto the list, Drycell and PWRSHAPE technology, and Silicone Gripper Tape. 

Drycell technology extracts sweat and moisture from your skin to keep you dry throughout your round. Not only does it enhance your comfort levels, but it also reduces the risk of a rash.

PWRSHAPE technology enables the shorts to stretch during your swing, delivering supreme freedom of movement. This technology also works to bring the shorts back to their original position without impacting the elasticity.


The Puma Jackpot Shorts are ideal for tall players seeking moisture-wicking qualities. While it stretches well and has a long inseam, they are not as breathable and do not fit seamlessly, like the Covel Icon golf shorts.

3. PGA Tour Double Pleat Golf Shorts - Best Budget Golf Shorts


  • Affordable
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Stretchable seams
  • UV protection
  • Expandable waistband for supreme freedom of movement
  • They are available in size 44, one more than most manufacturers offer
  • It doesn’t keep your shirt tucked inconsistently
  • Tight fit around your posterior and crotch area

If you have blown your budget on golf clubs and coaching, you can find affordable golf shirts and shorts to kit yourself out. Just like the PGA Tour Double Pleat shorts are an option. They top the list for the best budget golf shorts thanks to their affordability, dryness, UV protection, and optimal freedom of movement.

These Double Pleat shorts are crafted in seven colors and cater to golfers of all sizes. The smallest waist option is a 30, and it runs up to 44 on the larger side of the scale.


The PGA Tour Double Pleat golf shorts produce impressive moisture-wicking qualities to keep your skin dry and cool. In addition, the material provides UV Protective qualities to shield your skin while out on the golf course.

Moreover, these shorts are crafted with stretchable seams and an expandable waistband. This combination allows for increased freedom of movement during your swing. 


The PGA Tour Double Pleat shorts may be a simple option. But, it offers premium qualities, such as UV protection, moisture-wicking, and stretchability. 

Best Men’s Golf Shorts: FAQs

What Are Golf Shorts?
Golf shorts are crafted specifically for use while playing golf. The moisture-wicking qualities, combined with UV protection and stretchability, keep you comfortable and cool while boosting your performance.

What Should I Wear Golfing?

A typical golfer wears a polo shirt, slacks, socks, and golf shoes. However, what you wear depends on the weather and the dress code at your home course. If you are playing in warm weather, you can wear a polo shirt, shorts, and short socks.

What Are The Best Golf Shorts?

The best golf shorts for 2022 are the Covel Icon shorts. They are comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking, and stretchable.

What Are The Best Golf Apparel Brands?
It depends on what you mean by best. Most popular or Best quality? Covel is an upcoming golf apparel brand that produces quality products that perform well against other prominent competitors. However, the most popular, or well-known golf apparel brands include Nike, Under Armour, FootJoy, and Callaway.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a pair of golf shorts, ensure that they are comfortable, sun-protective, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Without these qualities, you will sweat intensely, experience extreme discomfort, and face greater exposure to the sun.

One way of overcoming these challenges is to look closer at the Covel Icon design. These all-around performers are an ideal companion for a warm day and the best men’s golf shorts for 2022.

Those intent on enjoying their golf this summer can look at the Icon shorts here. If you need to add a polo or hat to the basket, we have plenty of options in that department as well.

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