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Covel Men's Gofl


Covel is the newest men’s sportswear brand to be released by well-known athletic apparel designer Tricia Covel (of SwingDish fame). The vision was simple, to create a men's line that outshines the competition in all categories: fit, fabric and design. Covel symbolizes Strength, Tradition, Sophistication and Style.

The STRENGTH of your body to perform.

The TRADITION of sport and spirit of competition.

The SOPHISTICATION and STYLE that exudes confidence.

The crested horse head logo is a nod to the family’s thoroughbred raising roots as well as the English origin of the family name. Lauded for their fabrics, Covel uses high-tech, luxury, performance fabrics that offer SPF 50+ protection, are moisture-wicking, breathable and stretch. Coordinated color palettes allow you to subtly coordinate with styles from Covel’s sister brand, SwingDish, giving an elevated look for couples tournaments and team play, but the pieces are designed to stand on their own with a sophistication that lets you take your look from course to work to an evening out. 

Comfort, function and style are some of the founding principles that lead the brands' design team in their efforts to create pieces that men will come back to time and time again. Made to live, work and play, the brand offers essentials for every man.

Covel Logo Crest