Top New Men’s Golf Brands You Should Know

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There is no shortage of golf apparel brands in the world. While many stay with popular brands, there are plenty of lesser-known options on the market. In this post, we look at the top new men’s golf brands to know in 2022.

We will explain the features of each brand and why it behooves you to take the road less traveled. In addition, we will look at the type of clothing each brand specializes in and whether it suits your needs. 

Best New Men’s Clothing Brands For 2022

Covel - Best Overall Men’s Golf Outfits


  • Quality material
  • Optimizes freedom of movement
  • SPF 50+ protection
  • Breathable fabric
  • Stylish clothing


  • Do not stock socks

The top new men's golf brand for 2022 is Covel. The brand is the brainchild of Tricia Covel, and was launched with the help of her two daughters. After the success of their female golf line SwingDish, they launched Covel for men.

The brand intends to create stylish, quality clothing that you can use on the golf course and in casual environments. In addition, their apparel provides freedom of movement during your swing to enhance comfort during your round.

Furthermore, they do not take shortcuts with the quality of their fabric, which offers Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50+. That means that the clothing blocks out 98% of ultraviolet rays to reduce your risk of sunburn.

Covel has you covered for any weather conditions, stocking a range of polos, pullovers, undershirts, shorts, and hats.

Not only is their clothing of superior quality, but they are also more affordable than other premium products.

If you like to save time by acquiring all your kit in one place and demand quality apparel, Covel has everything you need. Whether it's warm and dry or cold and wet, you will remain comfortable throughout your round.

With Spring around the corner, you may not need a pullover or undershirt. However, you can shop for polo shirts, shorts, or hats here.

Bogey Boys - The Trendy New Golf Apparel Brand

Bogey Boys Marketing Image


  • Fashionable clothing
  • They stock every item of clothing needed for golf
  • Unique designs
  • Wide variety of options to choose
  • Men’s clothing options include polos, shorts, and jerseys.


  • More expensive 
  • Traditionalists may not appreciate the funky designs.

If you are the type of golfer who enjoys making fashion statements on the course, you will enjoy the lineup from Bogey Boys. This up-and-coming brand earns the title of the most fashion-forward golf apparel.

Like Covel, Bogey Boys also has a connection to the music industry in its founder Macklemore. Staying true to his love of thrift shops the rapper has created an entire line of vintage golf clothing.

There is nothing ordinary about their portfolio, which traditionalists may not appreciate. However, they bring a fresh style to golf clothing, offering various patterned polo shirts, pants, jackets, socks and hats.

Bogey Boys is a brand made to resonate with those who appreciate the groovy style of Ian Poulter. It adds a new element to the world of golf apparel, moving away from the classic look often sported by a golfer. 

Boston Scott Golf  - Best Junior Golf Apparel Brand

Boston Scott


  • UPF 50 material
  • Moisture-wicking qualities
  • Anti-odor material
  • Promotes airflow to keep you cool
  • Fashionable


  • They do not stock socks or hats
  • The junior range only offers polo shirts

We have looked at the best overall men’s outfit for golf and the trendiest. Now, here is the best junior golf brand. Boston Scott Golf Apparel (BSGA) is not exactly new because they turn five in 2022. However, in a world dominated by giant brands, they are still infants.

Boston Scott Golf is not owned by the Philadelphia Eagles running back with the same name. In fact, it was started by the father and son duo Stephen and Boston Hoffman. At the age of six, Boston began receiving lessons with Mike.Although he loved the game, the standard polo shirt did not fit well, leading to discomfort and untidiness. Boston appreciated the style of Justin Thomas and told Stephen he wanted to replicate that.

The result was Boston Scott Golf Apparel. The company manufactures clothing that features UltraViolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50, superior stretchability, moisture-wicking, and anti-odor fabric. 

Besides their junior polo shirt offerings, BSGA stocks men’s shirts, shorts, and jerseys. 

Golf Apparel Brands: FAQs

What Is The Coolest Golf Brand?

The coolest, or trendiest golf brand in 2022 is Macklemore’s Bogey Boys. Their retro designs allow you to look funky while having fun. They are breathing life into an industry that traditionally offers dull, monotonous apparel, and it is refreshing to see.

What Is The Best Men’s Golf Shirt?

The Covel Toby Camo Print is the best men’s golf shirt for 2022. Thanks to its high-quality material, this shirt delivers superb movement during your swing, leading to optimal performance. In addition, the fabric is SPF 50+ and blocks out 98% of UV rays to minimize the risk of sunburn.

What Is The Most Popular Golf Shirt Brand?

Adidas golf shirts are the most popular of them all. In fact, the company is arguably the biggest golf apparel brand. The affordability of their shirts, coupled with the countless options and performance-enhancing construction, is the reason they are sought after.

What Shirts Do Pro Golfers Wear?

According to a report by Golf Monthly, most pros at the 2021 PGA Championship wore Polo shirts. They choose polos because of their quality, breathability, and moisture-wicking qualities.

Final Thoughts 

That concludes the list of top new men’s golf brands you should know. It is pleasing to see a new approach to golf apparel that you can proudly wear during your round. Finally, we are moving away from traditional Country Club attire. Those hunting for a new golfing wardrobe have plenty of options at Covel. The clothing provides protection, comfort, and style for the average golfer. While Club Covel offers most clothing you need for a round of golf, start with browsing through the catalog of Polo shirts.

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